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This set of the first three Kingdoms books begins the Biblical Epic that traces a family of Hebrews through the shifting political landscape — as kingdoms rise and fall and wage war, their family struggles to stay faithful, and to encourage the other in their nation to be faithful as well.

Volume 1 — “The Coming Storm” — King Josiah charges recklessly into battle, ignoring his advisor Iddo, and his actions have long reaching consequences.

Volume 2 — “Scions of Josiah” — With King Josiah gone, Egypt is now in power, and Josiah’s son wants revenge. As individual actions cause troubles on a national level, Iddo, his family, and his nation must weather the shifting balance of power from Egypt to Babylon.

Volume 3 — “The Prophet’s Oracle” — As Babylon closes in on Jerusalem, the prophet Jeremiah is given some unpopular messages to give to the people: heed God’s instructions or suffer destruction.

The Kingdoms series is eight volumes long. If you like these three volumes, you’ll be able to purchase the remaining five volumes from Amazon!

$15.00 ($20.97 cover price)